More About White Klaf

A previous post explained why the color of the klaf should not be a primary consideration when purchasing STAM. While all of the points made in that post still hold true as a general rule, there are certain situations where a preference for white klaf might be justified…


Many sofrim write STAM using a light-box: The work surface under the klaf is illuminated, and the tikun is printed on transparent material and positioned behind the klaf. The sofer can see the tikun through the klaf, and essentially traces the letters onto the klaf. This method can significantly speed up the writing process while also reducing spelling mistakes and spacing irregularities.

The advantages of writing on a light-box are clearly diminished if the klaf is too dark or has spots or stripes of color. Even though there is no direct benefit to the customer, in this situation it may be worthwhile for the sofer to make the extra effort to choose white klaf.


Poor Visual Acuity

Another advantage of white klaf over dark-colored or variegated klaf is the added contrast between the letters and the background, making it easier for someone with low vision to read. While this is only applicable to a small percentage of the population, in those specific cases, it is an important consideration.

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