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Writing is mehudar, following the opinions of Rabbi Mordechai Friedlander ZTz"L.1

All items are written on hand-processed klaf.

Mezuzos are usually available in 12 cm and 15 cm.
10 cm and 20 cm mezuzos may be available upon request.

Tefilin parshi’os can be purchased separately or as part of a complete pair of tefilin including batim and retzu’os.

Most work is made to order. Please allow sufficient time when commissioning STAM.2

Independent verification of the work’s quality is encouraged. Writing samples can be seen here.

Many references available.
Contact me for price quotes and further details.

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  1. Occasionally, some items may be available which are kosher lechatchila, but not mehdaur. All non-mehudar STAM will be specified as such.
  2. A limited number of mezuzos are available for short-term loan while work is in progress.