Purchasing STAM: Part 9


This series of blog posts can be downloaded as a free ebook.1

For a brief overview of the complete series, including links to all the posts, see Purchasing STAM: Index & Summary.

The “Purchasing STAM” series discussed many of the potential issues that can come up in creating STAM. Armed with this information, consumers can evaluate the pros and cons of comparable STAM items, and purchase STAM that fits their lifestyle and level of religious observance.2

best & worst

It pays to keep in mind that STAM purchases are like most other things in life: You get what you pay for (if you’re lucky). The minimum level of STAM that most people should buy is “lechatchila”, but as a general rule, the best option is to buy the highest quality STAM you can afford.

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  1. The blog posts have been revised to reflect edits and corrections made when preparing the ebook edition.

  2. A “worksheet” is also available as a free download from STAMink Press to assist in the decision-making process.