“STAM bits” is now “STAM 101”

When I first started writing about STAM, I realized that there are many concepts and expressions that are common in the world of the sofer but unfamiliar to some in the world at large. To make the blog more accessible, I included many short posts – designated as “STAM bits” – to give a basic explanation of each of these foundational topics.

To better reflect the introductory nature of these posts, the STAM bits series – currently over thirty posts – will now be called STAM 101. Check out the complete list of STAM 101 posts on the STAM 101 Introduction & Index page.1

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  1. Some of the STAM 101 posts – marked with an asterisk (*) in the index – include a link to a follow-up post that expands on the subject matter. ↩